ITG-Racingteam was started by 2 friends, in a garage south of Copenhagen – Solrød Strand. The idea came after watching the Norweigan stop motion-animated film The Pinchcliffe Grand Prix. In the film Theodore Rimspoke builds his version of a racecar, Il Tempo Gigante, to participate in teh Pinchcliffe Gran Prix. Theordor takes on the world with a very practical approach, which has inspired us in our work on the car and the raceteam.

In 2008 the idea of ITG-Racingteam started to emerge, with a passion for historical race cars between the years 1965-1976.
After a couple of years as spectators, the idea started to grow and the temptation of building a racecar and take on the world exactly as Theodor Rimspoke did, was to great.

In 2010 an old and abandoned Porce 911 from 1971 was bought from a scrapheap on Fyn. The idea was to participat in the Historical Motorsports class -71, Which cars from 1966-1971 are driven.

The 46 years old car needed more the tender love and care to restore the car to its former glory. We worked day and night in the  ITG-Racingteam garage and after 20 months we could reveal  ITG-Racingteam´s Racercar – a Porsche 911 2.3 ST from 1971, it was first driven in the 2013 season.

We made a small film over the rebuild -Watch 20 months of hard work in the Il TEMPO Gigante garage, edited down to 9 minutes, Please enjoy.

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